Our mission is to provide the best gaming experience to people around the world. Game Skills is committed to respecting and protecting client’s privacy. This privacy policy explains the reasons behind collecting and processing personal or non-personal information by us. In delivering the best services, we use appropriate physical, electronic, and administrative protocols to protect and prevent any ill-legal or unauthorized access, maintain user data protection, and correctly use the user’s information we get online.

Our industry-standard practices meet today’s security requirements, including encryption, firewalls, and password protection systems to ensure the safety and confidentiality of any identifiable and personal information. We also adopt a policy that limits access of employees to your provided personal information. Our security features and procedures are periodically reviewed in order to facilitate our users with the appropriate and updated technology.

This privacy policy discloses how Game Skills, uses, manages, and discloses personal and non-personal information collected from users. We are striving to provide next-gen exciting and seamless entertainment through all our services and products. Our all applications are available on smartphones and tablets.

Please read this Privacy Policy thoroughly as it holds the information about
- How we may collect your information
- What kind of information we may collect
- How we will use the collected information
- How we share collected information
- User’s rights regarding personal information they allow us to collect

1.How we may collect your information

Whenever users use our services, we may collect information about the account they set up with us. The information collected automatically through account will be stored, and we will use it to improve our services and the performance of our games.
Some of our games may let you create a player profile to compete with other online players, the profile may include information like:
- Your username
- Gender
- Age or Birthday
- Profile photo
- Email address
- Or any other information that helps us to contact you to provide solution to your problem or improve our services

Information collected using our services

When users our services, we’ll get information about the ways which the user uses to interact with our services, and for how long they use our services or play our games, in-app purchase user makes, levels completed, and other gameplay information.
If you want to communicate to other players in Game Skills services then following information will be collected
- Your active participation in message boards and forums
- Your comments and posts on other player’s profile or game boards
- Your invitation to other players
- Chats with other players using our services ,
We store the information collected through mentioned sources on our servers and make use of this information to protect the identity, safety and well-being of our users.

Payment information

If you make purchases in a game you play on Game Skills, third-party payment processor will collect the financial and billing information of the user for processing the payment. The information may include; postal address, email address, and financial information. But nothing to worry about, we will never share your information like credit card numbers, items purchased or anything.

If you play our games or access to any of our services through third-party platforms such as Facebook, Google, or Amazon or any purchases you make using third-party platforms. For these purchases Game Skills will not receive your financial information but may receive non-financial information, including your purchases, name, and approximate physical location.

Information collected using customer support services

When you decide to take help from our customer support services, we will collect your name and email address including information about gameplay activities and profile ID on Game Skills. We’ll also store communications you made with our customer service team and any other information you choose to provide our customer service team in order to provide batter and enhanced services.

Information we get through third-party networks, including social media

If you play our games or access any of our services using third-party platform including social media networks like Facebook, Game Skills may receive information through third-party platform. The information we get depends on the Game Skills you are playing, third-party application, and your privacy settings on that third-party platform.
The information we get from the third-party application may include - Your first and last name
- Profile picture or URL
- Facebook ID number (which may be provided publically like your name and profile photo)
- Email address to that third-party
- Your approximate physical location and that of the device used to access our services
- Gender
- Birthday & Age
- Activities on third-party application
- Any other information that you shared with the third-party will be shared with the Game Skills.
If you use our services using third-party platform, you should read third-party application’s privacy policy or terms of services.


We may collect information through cookies. You can choose not to accept cookies. The information we collect may include - IP address
- Device type and Computer
- Platform (Android or iOS)
- Operating system version
- MAC Address
- Android advertising ID
- Application performance
- Browser type and language
- Number of clicks on an app feature
- Amount of time spent on app feature
- Domain names
- Landing page
- Game level and the date and time of activity

2.What kind of information we may collect

To make our apps more appealing and interesting, we may collect data logs about the time you spent on our app. Personal data is deleted within the app before we receive it.

Any personal detail you choose to provide us voluntarily. For example, Name, address, number or place are deleted before we receive it. Such data log files or information are used just for the purpose of analysis, development, and enhancement of individual functions and services. The data logs collected will not be shared or disclosed to third-parties.

Such statistical data may be used to for development processes, delivering user-friendly services, improving, personalizing, and understanding today’s marketing trends, improving our products or services.

In this privacy policy information is collected on two terms; Personal and Non-personal. Both data are collected for the purpose of providing improved services, analyzing usage of the services, technical support, customer support to further enhance other Game Skills services and products.

Personal data means identifiable information that identifies you as an individual, this information is automatically collected by our servers with the consent of the user including
- Registration for services or leader boards
- Newsletter subscription
- Requesting technical support
- Other ways where personal data is necessary for participation, queries or reporting any violation
The data collected may change according to the type of activity. The collected personal data may include but not limited to user name, user ID, email address or third-part service ID. Non- Personal data may include all the information that are not identifiable. We may collect and process non-identifiable data to help us understand how services are used and what improvement they need. The information we may collect may include
- Device information
- IP address
- Email address
- Operating system and version
- App activity
- Browser type
- Language
- Country
- Name associated with device

3.How we may use the collected information

We do not keep personal or identifiable data for longer than required. The data may collected may use to ensure that users are complying our terms of our services. By agreeing to our Privacy Policy and our terms of services, users allow us to use collected information for general commercial processes such as sending email, updates, SMS or other notifications.

4.How we share collected information

We may share or disclose collected information about you or other players engaged in the game (which is purely not intended to specifically identify you) we my collect those information for analysis, demographic profiling, advertising or other business purposes.
We may share your information with third-parties to offer many of services. When third-party advertisers or ad networks place their ads in our services, they may collect or we may share information with them. The information may use to analyze the effectiveness of ads or show you the advertisement for products and services of your interest.
Please note that if you click on third-party advertisement, you are no longer on Game Skills platform. We may share information
- When it is required by law
- To comply with laws and regulations
- To report any fraud or criminal activity
- When it appears to us that there is some emergency that may pose a threat to health and safety of any individual including you
- To protect rights and property of Game Skills

5.User’s rights regarding personal information they allow us to collect

You have right to ask us about copy of data we collect and process about you and to correct any inaccuracies. Users can anytime ask us to restrict, delete or stop processing personal data. If you are not satisfied with the services, you can let us know by submitting a complaint to our data protection team.

Children policy

We take special precautionary measurements before offering our services. We never collect any personal information from children under age 13. If we come to know that we have collected information from a child under 13 years of age, we will instantly delete the information. If you believe that we may have collected information from a child under 13, please contact us at provided email address.

Change in Privacy Policy

By using our services, you agree to the terms of services of this Privacy Policy. If you choose not to accept the terms of this policy, you are not allow to use our games or apps.
Game Skills reserves the rights to update its privacy policy or modify policy periodically. So please review privacy policy at reasonable times. Your continued use of services will show your acceptance of the changes mentioned in this privacy policy.

Contact us

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